Daily exercise for beginners | revisited

Five years ago, the journey began of blogging on the subject of being a Christian man with a healthy lifestyle. If you think about it, being a Christian should actually mean being as healthy as circumstantially possible, as it is part of our faith to take care of all that we receive from the Almighty. […]

Christian Men and Oneitis

A post on Reddit little over a year ago was a painful example of how young men in the church and Christian communities nowadays, are suffering because there is no adequate mentorship. In the post a young man (probably still more of a teenager) was asking for prayer, since he had asked a girl (he […]

Healing from obesity. The road to recovery…

When you look around an average Christian congregation (it depends a bit on the denomination). Well let me rephrase that; If you looked around in any given Christian congregation before COVID, you would notice that the obesity pandemic predominantly attacking the developed world, does not stop at religious lines. Many of us haven’t been able […]

Obesity Shows; How NOT to lose weight

Have you ever watched one of those shows where they help obese people lose weight in a record amount of time? They may even pay for a tummy fix if they manage to lose a certain amount of weight which qualifies them for the procedure. I have always watched with a sense of increasing horror. […]

Daily devotional: Prayer

So after you read the commandments, you start to pray. But how? Praying (especially if you do it non-verbally) is a difficult mental exercise. One way to stay the course is to pray out loud. It keeps your thoughts from running amok and after a few minutes you find yourself thinking about how you still […]

Daily devotional: Foundation

The great struggle. That is how I would characterize my journey to work on my relationship with God in a consistent and structured manner. There were times when I would read and pray every day and there were times when my bible actually collected a thick layer of dust. I have the feeling that most […]

The physical temple: Nutrition

Healthy Christian Men eat healthy

In the previous article, we talked about our physical temple and a proper definition of health. From a Christian perspective that is. One that still would be objective, so true for even non-Christians and measurable to prove that point. I stated that health is best defined as functional and metabolic efficiency. In the last article […]