Daily devotional: Prayer

So after you read the commandments, you start to pray. But how? Praying (especially if you do it non-verbally) is a difficult mental exercise. One way to stay the course is to pray out loud. It keeps your thoughts from running amok and after a few minutes you find yourself thinking about how you still […]

Daily devotional: Foundation

The great struggle. That is how I would characterize my journey to work on my relationship with God in a consistent and structured manner. There were times when I would read and pray every day and there were times when my bible actually collected a thick layer of dust. I have the feeling that most […]

Doctrine; The Four P’s

Healthy Christian Men study the Word

Before I continue writing about my thoughts on a healthy life style for Christian men, I would like to spend some time explaining the doctrine that is the basis for these thoughts. Some time ago I was introduced to a fellow Christian in another part of the world. He is very passionate about ministry and […]